Innovative Education Grants

PPIE provides grants up to $3,000 to Pleasanton Unified School District (PUSD) employees to fund an innovative project that is student focused, promotes creativity and innovative thinking, offers expanded opportunities for learning and supports Common Core standards, as well as the PUSD Strategic Plan.

The Innovative Grant Program is made possible in great part by a generous grant of $30,000 from the Oracle Giving Foundation to fund projects within the Science, Math, Engineering and Technology categories. Other key donors to our grant programs include The Clorox Company, The Safeway Foundation, and Hines Management Company, which honors PPIE as a beneficiary of their annual golf tournament.

We are pleased to announce that PPIE will be accepting applications for the 2018 Innovative Education Grant program on January 12, 2018!

A successful application will:

  • Clearly state the vision of an innovative project with defined goals
  • Demonstrate of the connection of the project to the curriculum, program, Common Core Standards and the PUSD Strategic Plan
  • Clearly state student benefits
  • Include a plan for assessing the project’s impact
  • Predict enduring or future benefits of the project, including opportunities to collaborate or share with other district teachers or schools
  • Include a principal’s signature and approval (if you are not at a school site, you should get approval from your supervisor)

Funding for projects outside of PUSD, projects that duplicate district funding and projects requesting funds for salaries or transportation costs will not be considered.

The deadline for grant applications is March 5, 2018. There are two steps to the process; both must be completed by March 5:

  1. Complete the online application (coming soon!)
  2. Once your application is submitted, you will receive an email with a pdf of your application, including a Signature Page and Conditions of Acceptance form. Obtain approval and signature from your principal (or supervisor if you are not at a school site) and submit the Signature Page to PPIE. You must also sign the Conditions of Acceptance sheet. Your application will not be complete until both forms are submitted.


Congratulations to last year’s recipients, whose interim video reports can be viewed on our YouTube Grant Program 2016 Playlist:


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