Donate! Match it! Done!

Donating to PPIE – A Two-Step Process includes Corporate Matching!

Did you know you can increase your donation without spending another dime? That’s where Corporate Matching comes in.

How does it work?

When you donate to PPIE, a 501(c)3 non-profit, your employer may match that donation at no extra cost to you. This is money your employer has already set aside to benefit organizations you, their employee, support. A corporate match can increase your donation by one-third to sometimes twice the amount- without spending another cent of your own money.

How To Apply for Corporate Match

You – the employee/donor – are the only person who can initiate the corporate match process with your company, and each company has its own process. PPIE cannot initiate the process on your behalf.

The first step is determining if your company matches donations. You can find out this information in three ways:

• Your Company Website
• Your Human Resources or Benefits Department
• PPIE’s Corporate Search Feature

If your company is listed in our Search Feature, there may be a convenient live-link to your company’s forms. If your company is not listed, contact your HR or Benefits department to start the process, which is usually in the form of an online form that takes very little time. What if your company has a corporate matching program, but PPIE is not listed as a beneficiary? Contact your Benefits/HR Department to add PPIE to your company’s corporate matching beneficiary list.

Thank you! Together we can make a difference for our students!

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