School Board restores programs with PPIE’s Help!

Positions funded by PPIE’s commitment of $330,000

PPIE fully supports the mission of ensuring QUALITY education across all sites for all students. The Instructional Coaching model provides job-embedded professional development – in other words, IN the classroom training and support for teachers – which will reach all students at all levels.

PPIE committed – and PUSD accepted – $330,000 to fund 4 additional positions for next year:

  • Instructional Coach – Technology (Scott Padway returning)
  • Instructional Coach – Math (new addition)
  • Instructional Coach (2) – Early Literacy (new additions)

But we’re not done yet! It is time for our Annual Spring Push as we head toward the end of the Giving Fund 2015-16 Campaign on March 31st. What more can we do to finish the year strong and provide additional technology and support for our students? Watch for events coming soon at your school sites, and if you haven’t already done so, please make your Annual Donation now!

Giving Fund 2015-16 Update as of 2/28/15:

Donations by Fund


Elementary School  $208K
Middle School  $108K
High School  $  84K
Other-use as needed  $  24K
Subtotal rec’d to date  $424K
Est pledges/matches to come  $ 23K
Total Amount Anticipated  $447K
Less Amount Pledged to PUSD $330K
Amount Available for more Tech & Student Support $117K

In addition, we have the Run for Education on April 12th, which is looking to be our most successful yet!

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