Innovative Student Grants

PPIE provides grants to fund up to $500 for student projects or special events that support student achievement in all areas.  Projects should also support the PUSD Strategic Plan mission: “Our students will make a better world.”

The application for PPIE Innovative Student Grants is now open!  Apply online now.

When developing your application, please keep the following criteria in mind:

  • A student or student group may submit only one proposal per school year.
  • A PUSD student or group of students must author the application.
  • A single student named to submit the proposal must be central to carrying out the project and will be responsible for tracking finances and writing and submitting the final report by the deadline.
  • The sponsoring teacher must be involved/consulted in developing and implementing the project, through to completion, including the tracking of finances and writing and submitting the final report by the deadline.
  • All activities and materials requested are to be compliant with PUSD policies.
  • Awardees must be willing to share the end project with PPIE, including photos and narratives.
  • Typical expenses considered for funding are consumables, non-consumables (will become the property of PUSD), entrance fees, and consultant costs.
  • Funding is not available for salaries of PUSD employees or substitute teachers.
  • A teacher sponsor, to offer guidance as needed through the completion of the project, and a school principal’s approval are also required.


The deadline for grant applications is December 1, 2017.  There are two steps to the process, both must be completed by December 1:

  1. Complete this form online.  
  2. Once your application is submitted, you will receive an email with a pdf of your application, including a signature page.  Obtain approval and signature from both your sponsoring teacher and principal and submit the signature page to PPIE.  Your application will not be complete until the signature page is submitted.

You will be notified of decisions by the end of January.


To get ideas of projects, see the list of last year’s award recipients below.

Valentine’s Day Baking: A Display of Love
$286.86 – Muna Bellot, Pleasanton Middle School
Baking Valentine’s Day sweets to be distributed at Open Heart Kitchen

Making Toys with 3D Printing
$224.61 – Emily Dubon, Lydiksen Elementary
Funds for materials for to make toys for less fortunate children

Holidays for Seniors
$93 – Robert Gan, Hart Middle School
Funds for blank cards to be decorated by Hart students and distributed to Pleasanton senior citizens

 Science Triad
$350 – Luke Liu, Foothill High School
Funds for materials to help team prepare and register in Science Triad

Every Fifteen Minutes
$500 – Katherine Marotto, Amador Valley High School
Funds for a program to raise students’ awareness about the dangers of drinking and driving

Science Olympiad
$500 – Irene Sha, Foothill High School
Funds for build event materials and registration at Bay Area Science Olympiad Regionals

Community Service Art Project
$490.94 – Nivita Susendran, Hart Middle School
Funds to creating a mural at Hart’s library and providing artwork for the community 

Engineering Club 3D Modeling Project
$150 – Annie Tor, Amador Valley High School
Funds for 3D printing materials that will be used to create teaching materials for a variety of courses at Amador Valley

Astronomy Telescope Carrying Case
$500 – Shawn Zhang, Amador Valley High School
Funds for a case for the Astronomy Club’s telescope

Here are the grant requests PPIE has funded in the past:

Student Grants Awarded in Spring 2016

Student Grants Awarded in February 2015

Student Grants awarded in March 2014