Student Grant Awards 2015-16

We are pleased to announce the PPIE Innovative Student Grant awards for 2015-2016. Thirteen (13) Pleasanton Unified School District students from the middle and high school levels were awarded a total of $4,375.00 in funding for a variety of student-initiated projects.

The Innovative Grant Program is made possible in great part by a generous grant of $30,000 from the Oracle Giving Foundation to fund projects within the Science, Math, Engineering and Technology categories. Other key donors to our grant programs include The Clorox Company, The Safeway Foundation, Pleasanton Weekly Holiday Fund, Knights of Columbus, and Hines Management Company, which honors PPIE as a beneficiary of their annual golf tournament.

PPIE Foundation Innovative Student Grant Awards 2015-16:

Hart Middle School “Art for our Hart”
$500.00 – Allyson Juan, Student; Jane Maker, Teacher

Hart Middle School “Game Creation Club
$500.00 – Maanas Shah, Student; Andrea Swenson, Teacher

Hart Middle School “Holidays for Seniors”
$400.00 – Robert Gan, Student; Nicole Langer, Teacher

Hart Middle School “Mathcounts Program”
$150.00 – Mathi Raja, Student; Caryl Daly, Teacher

Pleasanton Middle School “Photography Club”
$400.00 – Rhea Dand, Student; Christopher Ragg, Teacher

Village High School “School Pride”
$500.00 – Emily Jones, Student; Mario Hurtado, Teacher

Amador Valley High School “Astronomy Club Telescope”
$500.00 – Joshua Ott, Student; Drew Melby, Teacher

Foothill High School “Speech & Debate Club”
$300.00 – Harsha Mudaliar, Student; Lisa Fulton, Teacher

Foothill High School “Science Olympiad”
$300.00 – Farrah Khoyloo, Student; Brian Shackelford, Teacher

Foothill High School “Model UN Mock Conferance”
$300.00 – Mindy Lee, Student; Michael Leitz, Teacher

Foothill High School “Computer Science Competition”
$225.00 – Ahad Rauf, Student; Shannon Sos, Teacher

Foothill High School “American Mathematics Competition”
$150.00 – Andy Peng, Student; Scott Gorsuch, Teacher

Foothill High School “Olympiad Triad”
$150.00 – Bryan Chen, Student; Mr. Martinez, Teacher