Grants for Student Competitions

PPIE provides grants to Academic Competition Teams at the two comprehensive high schools to facilitate the participation of school-sponsored teams advancing through state, national and international competitions while representing their schools.

Starting November 1, 2017, academic teams may submit “Request for Funding” letters to the PPIE Board of Directors for approval. Grant requests may be made for up to $1,000. Request letters should include the criteria listed below. Upon receipt, the Board of Directors will review and may approve full or partial funding. Program funding decisions will depend on the number and type of requests submitted and funds available. A “Post-Competition Report” will be due to PPIE one month following the competition, along with any unused funds.

Academic Team Grant “Request for Funding” Letter Criteria

  • Academic team must be school-sponsored
  • Team must be heading for Regionals, State or National Competition
  • Request for Funding letter addressed to the PPIE Board of Directors to include:
    • Name of Academic Team
    • Competition Title, Date and Location
    • Description of Competition Level for this request
    • Description of use for funding and itemized financial details of how funding will be used
    • Deadlines for funding that would impact competition participation

Post-Competition Reporting Requirement

A Post-Competition Report is due to PPIE one month after competition and will include the following:

  • Description of experience at competition
  • Description of how funds were used
  • Receipts, Photos, Videos attached
  • Unused Funds returned directly to PPIE with report

For more information, contact Sarah Baer at PPIE or 925.846.5620.