Giving Fund Campaign 2015-2016

Including the Giving Fund Campaign 2015-2016, event fundraising, and corporate grants, the total financial support to our Pleasanton students totaled $563,000!  If you’d like to see more info on how your donation is helping our students this school year, check out the Giving Fund 2015-16 Expenditure Summary Report.

Please see the 2015-2016 Giving Fund Results Press Release for more information specific to the Giving Fund.  The PPIE board of directors took many factors into consideration in developing a funding strategy this past year, including input from district technology administrators such as Chris Hobbs and district technology coach Lisa Highfill. Their detailed presentation to the foundation’s board earlier this spring helped identify gaps in funding where the foundation could help.

“Once those gaps were identified, we targeted areas that offered a ‘force multiplier effect,’ asking ourselves where we could target funding to reach the most students possible, and simultaneously support the work of our teachers.” President Bob Miller said, of which the instructional coaching model the district has adopted is an ideal example.

The $515,000 total donation to PUSD will be allocated in the following manner:
2 Early Literacy Instructional Coaches ($80,000 ea) $160,000
1 Math Instructional Coach $ 80,000
1 Technology Instructional Coach $ 90,000

The remainder is to be distributed to individual schools sites as noted below with the intention that they be used to further PPIE’s mission of enhancing learning experiences by focusing on supporting the district technology plan at their sites.
Thomas S. Hart Middle School $ 30,000
Harvest Park Middle School $ 40,000
Pleasanton Middle School $ 40,000
Amador Valley High School $ 38,000
Foothill High School $ 30,000
Village High School $ 5,000
Harvest Park Pre-School $ 2,000