Giving Fund Campaign 2013–2014

PPIE had a very successful fundraising year in 2012-13.  Including the Giving Fund Campaign 2013-2014, event fundraising, and corporate grants, the total financial support to our Pleasanton students totaled over $600,000!  If you’d like to see more info on how your donation is helping our students, check out the 2013-14 Giving Fund Expenditure Report.

PPIE Donations to Pleasanton Unified
FY 2012-13 for 2013-14 Programs

Funding Sources To Be Spent on:
Giving Fund $ 200K Technology Specialists 2 hrs/day each site and one Literacy Coach
Giving Fund $ 125K 1st Grade CSR
Portion of proceeds Bon Appetit & Run for
$  78K 1st Grade CSR
Subtotal Elementary $413K
Giving Fund and Portion
of proceeds from Run for Education
(Allocated per student for
counseling, technology, and
additional class sections)
$ 22K Hart Middle School
$ 25K Harvest Park Middle School
$ 24K Pleasanton Middle School
Subtotal Middle $ 71K
Giving Fund and Portion
of proceeds from Run for Education
(Allocated per student, with
baseline for Village, for
counseling, technology,
additional class sections, and
campus supervision)
$ 39K Amador Valley High School
$ 33K Foothill High School
$  5K Village High School
Subtotal High School $77K
Portion of Bon Appetit
and Corporate Grants
$10K Foothill High School BioMedical
Project Lead the Way Program
$ 5K Student Grants at various sites
$25K Teacher Grants at various sites
Subtotal PPIE Grants $40K
Total PPIE Donations to PUSD $600K This fiscal year for programs in
the 2013-14 school year

We are very proud of our community and our volunteers!  You have truly made a difference for our children.

Click here for Giving Fund Donor List.