Giving Fund Campaign 2012-2013

FINAL PPIE GIVING FUND CAMPAIGN donations achieved for academic year 2012 / 2013:    $296,525

The Pleasanton Partnerships In Education Foundation, also known as PPIE, has continued to work diligently to assist in filling gaps in the school budget deficit.  The School Advisory Board, consisting of 2-3 representatives from each school site, began to meet this past July.  This group identified district wide programs that were threatened to be eliminated in the upcoming school year 2012/2013, including literacy & student support, science & technology, and health & well being.

PPIE launched their fundraising campaign in support of these programs, called the PPIE Giving Fund Campaign 2012-2013, at walk-through registration events in August.  A suggested donation of $150 per student could be designated towards specific levels including elementary, middle, and / or high school levels.  Surrounding Bay Area education foundations request an average of $570 per student.

The campaign continued through the school year with a final push in the week prior to the February 5th deadline. This effort, called “Super Bowl For Schools,”  included Drop and Donate events at every school site, “Coffee Stops” at  local coffee houses, and weekend appearance at the Farmers Market.

Thank you to our donors and volunteers for your support of the PPIE Giving Fund.  With your generous support, the Giving Fund achieved donations totaling $296,525.00.  With the PPIE Foundation approval, the School Advisory Board is proposing the following support for academic year 2012/2013:

Elementary  2  hrs/day of Tech Support + 1 Reading Specialist
Middle  3 hrs/day of Tech Support + .5 additional hrs/day of library
High  Funds to be distributed according to registered number of students per high school site and used at Principal’s discretion to fund needs that fall within Technology, Counseling, and /or Additional Sections