Education Foundation Committee (EFC)


  • To provide school site input into annual fundraising objectives for PPIE
  • To provide a global approach to funding objectives (what’s right for all schools in your group, as well as what’s right for all students)
  • To develop & implement strategies to reach PPIE objectives (community-wide events, marketing, etc)
  • To provide manpower / volunteers to meet annual objectives of PPIE
  • To provide consistent communication with school sites & the parent community


  • Comprised of 2-4 representatives from each school site, whether parent and/or faculty member
  • Representatives grouped by affiliation into 3 groups:  Grades K-5 / Grades 6-8 / Grades 9-12
  • Each grade level group will have 1 member named to sit on the PPIE Board of Directors (3 members total)
  • 1 year commitment
  • If you are interested in serving on the EFC, please contact us at Executive Director for more information


  • Attend EFC planning meetings; 6 per year in the evening
  • Participate on at least one of the following internal committees: Walk-Through Registration, Fall Fundraising Event, Winter Fundraising Event, Spring “Race to the Finish” campaign, Kindergarten Round-up in the Spring, and the Pleasanton Run for Education in the Spring
  • Volunteer at Community Events, which can include the following: Walk-Through Registration, Make a Difference Day, First Wednesday Street Fairs, Kindergarten Round-up, Spring “Race to the Finish” donation drive, Pleasanton Run for Education Expo
  • Communicate PPIE information to your school site on a regular basis
  • Place/maintain PPIE banners at your school site and monitor the donation box in the school office

Thank you to the following folks who’ve stepped up!

2015-16 EFC Members

Alisal Elementary:

  • Amy Wood (parent)
  • Andrea Martin (parent)

Donlon Elementary:

  • Delia Cooper (parent)
  • Open Position

Fairlands Elementary:

  • Tim Cortez (parent)
  • Cheryl Crawley (teacher)

Hearst Elementary:

  • Theresa Moore (teacher)
  • Open Position

Lydiksen Elementary:

  • Gita Surti (parent)
  • Martha Allen (teacher)

Mohr Elementary:

  • Soojin Stadermann (parent)
  • Varupi Gupta (parent)
  • Melinda Ballard (teacher)

Valley View Elementary:

  • Ellen McGinnis (parent)
  • Felicia Douwes (teacher)

Vintage Hills Elementary:

  • Mary Hekl (parent)
  • Open Position

Walnut Grove Elementary:

  • Jen Skinner (parent)
  • Open Position


Hart Middle:

  • Manish Kulkarni (parent)
  • Open Position

Harvest Park Middle:

  • Kelly French (parent)
  • Frenyal Rajabali (parent)
  • Kelly Bayani (parent)
  • Laurie Whiteland (parent)
  • Lynn Gatehouse (teacher)

Pleasanton Middle:

  • Karen Brace (parent)
  • Open Position


Amador Valley High:

  • Jodie Fialho (parent)
  • Open Position

Foothill High:

  • Yvonne Greenlee (parent)
  • John Clatworthy (grandparent)

Village/Horizon High:

  • Open Position



PPIE Marketing Rep – Janet Grell

PPIE Social Media Rep – Jennifer Ng

PUSD Superintendent Rick Rubino

PUSD Communications Coordinator Patrick Gannon

PPIE Board Member Joan Laursen

PPIE Executive Director

PPIE Data Manager Sarah Baer