Education Grants 2013-2014

PPIE Foundation Innovative Education Grant Awards 2014

PPIE announced the following recipients of the 2014 Innovative Education Grant Program, awarding $41,000 to 20 educators and counselors, one of the largest pools of recipients in the history of the program.

PPIE offers Education Grants for Pleasanton Unified School District employees to fund projects that are student-focused, promote creativity and innovative thinking, and offer expanded learning opportunities to students. Grant requests are accepted in amounts up to $3,000 to supplement, not replace, district funding.

As part of the grant bequest, recipients are asked to submit a mid-year video report of how the funds are being used. Check out our Youtube Channel Grant Program Playlist to see all the videos, or follow the links below for individual videos by teacher:

Orff Instruments at Fairlands
$3,000.00 – Jason Borris, Fairlands Elementary School
Funds purchase instruments to support transition from theory to hands-on learning and volunteer ensemble

Art at Horizon High School
$2,700.11 – Christine Capitani, Horizon High School
Funds purchase materials to support development of a comprehensive art program

Harmony through Innovation
$1,800.00 – Jon Grantham, Amador Valley High School
Funds provide a “Harmony Director” technology tool for instruction in musical concepts.

Harvest Park Library History/Social Studies Supporting Materials
$ 3,000.00 – Megan Maloy, Harvest Park Middle School
Funds support technology conversion of library resources enabling more students to meet common core requirements.

Launching “Project Lead the Way” with iPads
$3,000.00 – Erin Dixon, Mohr Elementary School
Funds support integration of “Project Lead the Way” programming at the elementary school level.

Programming, Coding, 3D Printing, Robotics in Elementary
$2,912.00 – Adam Randall, Vintage Hills Elementary School
Funds support STEM-based project using iPads to learn about these technology concepts while improving critical thinking.

Introducing Next Generation Science Standards
$536.47 –Amy Turner Bull, Amador Valley High School
Funds purchase reusable kit offering activities which introduce new biology standards.

Protein Studies, PAGE, ELISA and Fluorescent Proteins
$2,750.00 – Lata Mistry, Amador Valley High School
Funds purchase laboratory materials that introduce practical skills utilized in industry.

Mobile Formative Assessments for Science
$1,500.00 – Heather Pereira and Brandy Barnett, Amador Valley High School
Funds purchase Android Tablets offering greater access for students to formative assessments.

Outdoor Garden Education: Linking Science, Food, Nutrition
$402.69 – Kathryn Peters, Walnut Grove Elementary School
Funds provide materials for students to build a student-friendly composter station.

Accurate Dissolved Oxygen
$970.46 – Eric Thiel, Amador Valley High School
Funds purchase outdated probes with optical sensors, which are next generation technology.

iPads for Resource Room
$414.54 – Jessica Sempronio, Lydiksen Elementary School
Funds bring technological support into the Resource Room to support equitable and assistive learning.

Please Pass the iPad
$1,160.00 – Linda Boveda, Lydiksen Elementary School
Funds purchase 2 iPads to support existing technology projects using Glogster, Educreations, iMovie and iBooks apps.

Chromebooks for Creative and Innovative Instruction
$1,525.00 – David Middleton, Foothill High School
Funds purchase Chromebooks for use in Social Studies Research projects.

Chromebooks for the Classroom
$2,717.37 – Michelle Williams, Walnut Grove Elementary School
Funds purchase Chromebooks to provide enhanced Geography research tools in elementary school.

Collaborative Classroom
$2,020.50 – Tammy Creighton, Vintage Hills Elementary School
Funds support existing classroom redesign effort towards a student-centered, interactive environment.

Chromebooks for Prezi
$2,113.51 – Erin Diaz, Walnut Grove Elementary School
Funds purchase Chromebooks to enable use of Prezi online visual learning tool in third grade.

From Spiral to Online Notebooks
$2,627.46 – Debbie Harvey, Amador Valley High School
Funds support integration of technology necessary to advance an existing, successful program.

3-D Printing in Unified Arts
$3,000.00 – Warren Jensen, Pleasanton Middle School
Funds support purchase of 3-D printer for projects aligned with ‘Project Lead the Way,’ reaching over 1,000 students in the first year.

Chromebooks for Math
$2,850.00 – Christopher Ragg, Pleasanton Middle School
Funds support transition to ‘flipped’ classroom requiring additional technology tools.