Corporate Matching

Double Your Donation Without Spending an Extra Dime!

What is “corporate matching “? Most companies will match employee charitable donations to nonprofit organizations. Use our convenient Search Feature to see if your company is already on the list of employers offering corporate matching, and follow the instructions for your particular company. Remember, you have to follow your company’s procedures to make the request. PPIE cannot do this for you.

If your employer is not listed, contact your employer’s Benefits/HR Department or search your company website or directory for the information. If your company has a corporate matching program, but PPIE is not listed as a beneficiary? Contact your Benefits/HR Department to add PPIE to your company’s corporate matching beneficiary list using the following information:

Organization: Pleasanton Partnerships In Education Foundation (PPIE)
Address: 333 Division Street, Pleasanton, CA 94566
Email: *protected email*
Federal Tax ID #: 94-3046738

Last Step – please let us know what to expect! Mail a copy of your receipt (with the total amount, your contribution + match, date on which PPIE will receive funds from the company) to PPIE.

When should I apply for Corporate Matching? Timing can vary from company to company so it’s best to check ahead of time. While in most cases, you can apply any time, some companies will have set windows of opportunity for logging donations. Also, some companies distribute corporate matching funds right away, while others process them quarterly.

Does my personal information remain private? Yes, your company will keep your personal corporate matching data private. Many times there are options for the use of the word ‘anonymous’ in lieu of your name. In most cases, companies outsource the entire process.

How does my employer benefit from Corporate Matching? Employers provide corporate matching opportunities for several reasons: in addition to the obvious tax deduction, most companies are committed to investing in their employees in many ways- including supporting organizations in the communities where they live. Non-profit education foundations in particular are preferred beneficiaries for corporations.