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Super Match and Survey Results!

Thanks to a very special grant from Mark Barkdull and Metcon, PPIE launched our first Super Match Campaign with Pleasanton School parents and raised $20,000.  These funds will go directly to our schools to fund staff to keep school libraries open, add new class sections to lower class size, keep technology accessible to teachers and students, and provide in-class intervention for reading, math and technology.  Thank you, Mark, and to everyone who supported this campaign!


ALSO, PPIE issued our first annual survey to ask parents what supplemental staff they want PPIE to fund for the 2018-2019 school year.  The final decision on what PPIE funds will incorporate this feedback along with input from school Principals and staff, PUSD leadership, and PTA leaders.  Thanks to all who participated!


PPIE received 370 responses from the following school sites:

Below is a summary of results, which we are actively incorporating into our future decisions and plans:

  • PPIE’s role and how schools are funded – Most people know that PPIE supports all Pleasanton schools and that we complement funds from both the school district and our parent and booster clubs to make Pleasanton schools great.  However, most did NOT know that 80% of our funds come from Pleasanton school families. Most also do NOT understand how our schools are funded.  To respond, PPIE is working with school sites and District leadership to address both these areas.
  • Parent Donations: Why and Why Not – With respect to donating to PPIE, most school families donate every year to PPIE, genuinely appreciate PPIE’s role in the community (thank you!) and make donations based on what they can afford.  Those who do not donate primarily cited two reasons: 1) lack of funds or 2) they did not agree with what PPIE appeared to fund at the schools.  This survey will help to address this second concern.  For example, since last year, PPIE has already begun shifting our approach to being more responsive to specific school site requests for funding.  Accordingly, for the 2017-2018 school year, we funded Librarians, Technology Specialists, New Class Sections in High School and limited technology along with our annual Student and Teacher Grants – because that’s what our school sites requested!  We encourage families to take an active role in recommending how PPIE funds should be allocated.
  • What should PPIE fund for 2018-2019? – We asked parents to rank-order 6 types of supplemental staff that PPIE is able to fund.  The following bar chart  summarizes the results (if you would like further details, please contact us at gro.e1518955193ipp@l1518955193iam1518955193).  Most parents chose some form of in-class intervention or aide to help build reading, math and technology skills (this typically includes students who need some help to catch up or students who want to go ahead of the core curriculum, which allows teachers more time to focus on mainstream students in the classroom).  Technology support, new class sections and librarians also scored well. PPIE’s goal is to fund more of each of these positions and, with our great community and sponsor support, we will achieve that goal.


Thank you for your ongoing support.  Please Donate HERE to provide more staff for our schools!

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