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Successful Giving Fund for 2013-14 Programs

Because PPIE has been very successful this school year (2012-2013) – including the Giving Fund, event fundraising, and corporate grants – the total financial support to our Pleasanton students totals over $600,000! The chart below gives you a taste for what we all have accomplished together this year, but look for more information to come in our Annual Report to be released this summer.

PPIE Donations to Pleasanton Unified
FY 2012-13 for 2013-14 Programs

Founding Sources To Be Spent on:
Giving Fund $ 200K Technology Specialists 2 hrs/day each site and one Literacy Coach
Giving Fund $125K 1st Grade CSR
Portion of proceeds Bon Appetit & Run for
$78K 1st Grade CSR
Subtotal Elementary $413K
Giving Fund and Portion
of proceeds from Run for Educatio
(Allocated per student for
counseling, technology, and
additional class sections)
$22K Hart Middle School
$25K Harvest Park Middle School
$24K Pleasanton Middle School
Subtotal Middle $71K
Giving Fund and Portion
of proceeds from Run for Education
(Allocated per student, with
baseline for Village, for
counseling, technology,
additional class sections, and
campus supervision)
$39K Amador Valley High School
$33K Foothill High School
$5K Village High School
Subtotal High School $77K
Portion of Bon Appetit
and Corporate Grants
$5K Foothill High School BioMedical
Project Lead the Way Program
$5K Student Grants at various sites
$32K Teacher Grants at various sites
Subtotal PPIE Grants $42K
Total PPIE Donations to PUSD $602K This fiscal year for programs in
the 2013-14 school year

We are very proud of our community and our volunteers! You have truly made a difference for our children.

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