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Giving Fund Campaign Kick-off Exceeds $270,000

PPIE experienced an unprecedented surge in giving from the community during the first three days of the 2014-2015 Giving Fund Campaign this week. The campaign launched on August 19, 2013, coinciding with three days of school registration where PPIE received over $270,000 in donations.

“That’s a preliminary number,” said Susan Hayes, PPIE Executive Director. “We are still awaiting online donations and matching funds.”

Hayes says PPIE is overwhelmed by the support. “Last year, the foundation raised $170,000 at registration. This level of giving indicates a growing awareness of the importance of providing quality instruction at all levels of education.”

“Filling gaps created by reduced state funding and supporting the continuity of education through student transitions between elementary, middle and high school are imperative,” Hayes continued. “These are key areas where PPIE makes an impact.”

This week marks the third year PPIE has hosted information tables at school sites during registration. Superintendent Parvin Ahmadi talked about the foundation’s role in overall funding for the district.

“In addition to employee concessions, our parent organizations and PPIE have done a phenomenal job working together to help mitigate the impact of the budget cuts the last five years,” Ahmadi said. “The new funding model adopted by the State known as the Local Control Funding Formula will provide our district opportunities as well as challenges that require continued collaboration between all parties. We truly appreciate everything our community does for our students.”

Leading PPIE’s registration day effort was Board Member Andrea Stokoe, whose committee spent hundreds of hours this summer preparing registration forms, producing a volunteer training packet, designing visuals and materials to explain how school funding works in the district, and implementing two training sessions in early August.

The increased level of collaboration between the school sites, parent groups, and the foundation is already making a difference, according to Bob Miller, PPIE Board President. “Every year we strive to strengthen the partnership between these critical groups towards our common goal,” said Miller, “but this year is already exceeding our expectations. The last three days show how we can really make a difference in supporting our schools by working together.”

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