Annual Giving Fund

A Year in the Life of the Giving Fund

PPIE is the overarching foundation that supports quality education for the Pleasanton Unified School District. The foundation receives donations from a variety of sources, namely corporate donors and parents in the community.

Donations are allocated to either the General Fund or Giving Fund. Most corporate donations are allocated to the General Fund and help PPIE support the foundation’s programs, including the Innovative Grant Program. Annual parent donations are allocated to the Giving Fund to fund programs and services that support all schools and all students in the district. Revenue generated from fundraising events is either allocated to the General Fund or the Giving Fund, or both. Although fundraising for PPIE is ongoing, the Giving Fund has a start and finish date to each annual campaign.

The annual Giving Fund campaign officially kicks off with Registration Days at each school site in August, which is the biggest fundraiser for PPIE. Planning for “Reg Days” begins several months earlier at the May EFC meeting, where goals, donor levels and other ideas for the new campaign are discussed. The “Reg Day Committee” takes these ideas and creates forms, visuals and processes to make sure PPIE’s message is well-represented before and at Reg Day at every site. It takes a lot of volunteers to make Reg Day successful and a training session is held a few weeks beforehand to share key information.

The Giving Fund raises funds for the next school year (ie: the 2016-2017 Giving Fund campaign was held August 2015-April 2016, yet those funds will benefit the schools during 2016-2017 school year). This allows PPIE to help fill gaps in the district budget after the district knows how much money they will receive from the state and how they want to allocate funds. Therefore, Giving Fund goals are initially general (ie Technology and Student Support). Once the school district proposes their budget in February, PPIE has a sense of what gaps are needed to fill and how much money is required to fill them.

In early March, we introduce PPIE to incoming Kindergarten parents at Kindergarten Round Up, and launch an awareness campaign on the sites in an effort we internally call “Spring Push.” This past year, the theme was “Race to the Finish,” since the end of the campaign coincides with the Pleasanton Run for Education event. Spring Push has taken a variety of forms, sometimes just electronic, sometimes a physical presence on campus to raise awareness and donations.

The Giving Fund campaign finishes with the annual Spring event, the Pleasanton Run for Education, which is the 2nd or 3rd Sunday in April. After the run, the PPIE Board of Directors convenes and makes final decisions on how to allocate Giving Fund monies.